Jessica Warns

Jessica Warns, began her lifelong passion for horses 30 years ago. She graduated from Delaware Valley University with a degree in Equine Science focusing her studies on training and breeding.  After college, she worked in both the veterinary and research fields, still following her passion for animals...but much smaller ones.  While always an avid rider, Jess found her way back to working as a professional in the equestrian community in 2011 when she began working at Leg Up Farm.  In her role at Leg Up Farm, Jessica helps individuals and families, undergoing special circumstances, connect with horses to work on therapeutic goals.  She also oversees the care of their entire herd of therapy horses.  Jessica has worked to achieve numerous certifications that allow her to share horses with many different populations. These include: PATH CTRI (Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor), PATH ESMHL (Equine Specialist for Mental Health and Learning, and an EAGALA certified professional.

There are many aspects of the horse that make their connection to humans so powerful.  Jessica believes these working animals deserve to be recognized for their hard work, patience, resilience and dedication to helping their human companions be the best they can be.