Therapy animals comfort. Trained to be calm and confident in a variety of situations, they’re called upon to reach folks when and where words can’t. You’ll find them in the aftermath of disasters, both natural and manmade, offering help. Intuitively, they know where to go and what is needed. Every day. You’ll find therapy animals in schools and hospitals and nursing homes, spreading their own brand of non-verbal magic, drawing folks in effortlessly.

Again and again, they lean in. To comfort the soldier returning from active duty, easing the transition home. To interact and elicit a smile and a hug from a special needs child. To bask in the attention from a senior citizen happy to groom a grateful animal and offer service of their own. They offer unconditional love, understanding, and most importantly, one-on-one interaction where it’s needed most. Working together with their handlers, therapy animals serve and shine at the same time.