Jill Robinson

Jill is a certified clinical research professional providing auditing/monitoring for clinical trials in both the academic and private sectors. She has worked as a research analyst/medical technologist in research and clinical laboratories.

She has two degrees from University of Kentucky in Clinical Laboratory Medicine and Animal Sciences.

Jill is involved with and passionate about search & rescue; in particular the K9 component. Prior to relocating to Pennsylvania she was a member of Spencer County EMA Search and Rescue in Indiana and Daviess County Emergency Management Search and Rescue in Kentucky. She is currently a member of Middle Creek Search and Rescue on the K9 team along with her dog, Jax.

Jill has SARTECH II certification with National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). She and Jax are certified SARTECH Trailing with NASAR.

Jill enjoys training with her SAR team/ community/family and attending SAR seminars to continually learn and grow as a SAR volunteer and Mantrailing K9 team.

She resides in Lititz, PA with her husband, Jax and their two Havana Brown cats, Willy and Cleo.