Rob Lauver
In Memorium
1959 ~ 2021

Born and raised in Camp Hill, PA, Rob started working for/with his father at the age of 9. Rob graduated from East Pennsboro High School and continued to work with his father until he opened Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp in August 1987. While owning/operating the Pet Camp, Rob attended and graduated from West Virginia Canine College. As he established a loyal clientele at the Pet Camp, clients would ask him if their pet could be buried at Golden Lake since they loved it there so much when they stayed at the Camp. This provided the inspiration to create Companion Animal Cremation Service, the PA State Pet Memorial and Peaceful Pet Passage.

While developing features for the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery, Rob met with a team of Laser Imaging and Design consultants. The majority of the features in the cemetery were created by them. Rob liked the concept so much that he felt it was something that he would be able to promote in his local area too, so Lasered Granite Art and Monuments began in August 2012. With the growth of Lasered Granite Art and Monuments, Rob wanted to create memorials to personal pets as well as dedicate and honor the commitment of service animals.

The Pennsylvania State Working Animal Foundation is the colmination of his desire to honor working animals.  The sponsor wall and memorial wall were top priorities for Rob, and the work to create a well-established memorial and fund for working animals continues following his death in 2021.  The Foundation is Rob's legacy.