Terri Heck

Special Detective Terri Heck
Summit Search and Rescue
Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office
Criminal Investigation Division

Veterinary Technician for 38 years

Handling Bloodhounds for 18 years:
Summit Search and Rescue and Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office American Bloodhound Club Trailing Judge

Member of:
President and founder of Summit Search and Rescue
Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue (Instructor)
Past President of Colonial Bloodhound Club (member)
American Blood Hound Club (Trailing Committee Member)
Southeastern Bloodhound Club
Pennsylvania State Working Animal Foundation (Director)

Has trained and actively working third bloodhound for Criminal Investigations and Lost or Missing Persons for Search and Rescue and the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. Has assisted and trained other handlers in starting Search and Rescue Organizations.. Continues to train new handlers and bloodhounds to make sure they are proficient in the field to be used as a Mantrailing Bloodhound Team.